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Having obtained a forensic image of a target device we will carry out a full forensic examination, in accordance with your instructions and produce a report, together with appropriate witness statements.

On some occasions you may only be interested in specific types of information e.gemail, word documents, web pages etc. KJB Computer Forensics Consultancy we have the expertise to recover whatever data you deem appropriate and subsequently present it in a readable format. If you require specific information from a Computer, we offer an E-Discovery Service. (Read More..)

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certain parameters need to be added behind the item as part of the whole file. These can include elements and attributes such as a name, size or type of file. It can also represent the location or ownership of the file amongst any other information that needs to be noted about the contents of the data.

An example of the importance of analysing metadata can be found when examining photographs taken using a mobile telephone. In some cases the make and model of the telephone used to take the photograph is stored within the metadata. Another example of metadata is demonstrated when a mobile telephone has the GPS functionality enabled; data as to where the photograph was taken is also embedded in the photograph. It stands to reason that this information can be very important to an investigation.

KJB Computer Forensics Consultancy has the expertise and experience to complete a detailed analysis of metadata and where there is GPS data present - plot on mapping software, which can be included in your final report.

RAM analysis

RAM analysis is a fast growing area of interest in the Forensic Community. The analysis of RAM can reveal information of a user's web activities, email use, MSN messenger chat, Skype chat, Windows Registry and a wealth of other information.


Whilst disclosure has been a part of all investigations conducted in England, for quite some time now, it is a relatively new concept in Scotland. KJB Computer Forensics Consultancy has a vast amount of practical experience with disclosure and its integration into an investigation. With this in mind as part of every investigation you will get a report that conforms to present disclosure legislation - a copy of all materials used during the investigation from an email to the forensic image of the evidence, where applicable.

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